Josh Smith

Aka Joshy Dredz starting in the music industry at the very ambitious age of 8 years old was what helped Joshy get a grip on what he really wanted to be as a person, flowing through life like a morning wave is how Josh lives, flowing but sturdy and strong to the cause.

At 14 the decision was destined, being spiritually and mindfully influenced by Xavier Rudd Josh took it on board to pursue this career in music with an open mind and a willing heart to share all these experiences through this powerful tool called music, at 15 he landed his first gig and it all started from than.

Born in Newcastle and raised around Clarence town Josh started making his way around NSW at the fruitful age of 15 Josh excelled for 3 years with his first punk rock band, with a heavy influence from Blink 182, NOFX and Penny wise Josh got his fundamentals and foundation of music, Josh felt his wings feather up as he made his way to Maroubra beach where he met his very first major inspiration Xavier Rudd, emotionally touched by this powerful meeting of two old musical souls speak for the first time sparked an inner course set for happiness, Josh strapped on his guitar and started his journey off veering away from the Punk scene to pursue what this new found feeling was, having an urge to spread happiness Josh followed the sun.

Writing originals on the way and sharing these experiences until he finally kissed the warm sun at sunny Gold Coast, meeting many musicians who shared this lifestyle josh molded his music from hard hitting punk to smooth flowing blues and roots , keeping the momentum Josh started networking and making a big push, sacrificing all to make music his life, Josh gave up playing music to listening carefully to the structure of how music is built obtaining a diploma in sound production expanding his experience, hitting multiple brick walls and roadblocks these experiences would eventually lead Josh to performing at the Hard rock, The loft, and many other venues across the Gold Coast and also touring across QLD and NSW with Jo jo beards, this is only the start of his career with a very big future coming Josh keeps his focus on the beat and follows the rhythm of life being sure to release his first debut album in the coming months you will witness all the experiences he has endured come at you through a powerful and life lifting album.

There is much more coming for Joshy Dreddz so watch this space and send some Happy rayz through the blue sky till you feel the connection with this beautiful spirit, the Australian Spirit.

Stay Tuned

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