Kinship The Arts Centre Gold Coast

Kinship The Arts Centre Gold Coast
14 October 2015
Arts Theatre
​Wednesday, October 14, 2015
​Rekindling the Aboriginal culture of Australia, internationally acclaimed Bangarra Dance Theatre presents an original and breathtaking theatrical experience: Kinship by award-winning choreographer Stephen Page.

This bold dance theatre work celebrates the resilience of Australian Aboriginal culture in both its traditional and contemporary forms.
Kinship features two works — Brolga and ID — a fusion of traditional and contemporary music and dance.

'I wanted to explore the transformation of the human spirit, the relationship between Indigenous people, creatures and the land – and what it is that unifies us as one - (its) about challenging, awakening and cleansing the spirit'  Aritisic Director and Choreographer Stephen Page on Brolga.

'Our people are entitled to find out where, and what, we are supposed to be. I believe this country really struggles with what the Australian identity is. We still struggle with who we are but we all want to belong and to feel proud of our identity' Aritisic Director and Choreographer Stephen Page on ID.  

'Beautiful and gut-wrenching, impressive stylistic unity' THE AGE

'Cleansing and empowering, celebrating the continuation of Aboriginal cultre through countless generations' THE AGE
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